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A New Life for Your Smile

Do your teeth prevent you from living your life how you want? Are you constantly worried about others judging you negatively because of their appearance, or is your diet severely limited because of broken, missing, or hurting teeth? If so, Smile Rejuvenations is ready to offer the comprehensive and high-quality care you deserve to get your life back. Our team of experts, use of the latest technology, and dedication to delivering unmatched service will make your experience with us just as rewarding and fulfilling as the end result.

World-Class Expertise

Estero Florida dentist and prosthodontist

We’re led by Dr. Breanne Anderson, a board certified prosthodontist (a dentist who specializes in replacing and rebuilding teeth). As a result, she can offer a nearly endless resource for patients in need of serious and extensive dental work. In addition to her top-tier education, she has plenty of real-world experience, plus she continues to complete advanced training every year so she can stay on top of the latest breakthroughs in dentistry.

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On-Site Dental Lab

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If a patient needs a veneer, crown, or denture, most dental offices will have these restorations made by an outside lab. This adds a tremendous amount of time and expense for the patient, and making any final adjustments can be really inconvenient as well! That’s why Smile Rejuvenations has its own on-site lab staffed by expert dental technicians. We’re able to create custom-made dental restorations incredibly quickly without compromising on quality when it comes to appearance and durability. 

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Concierge Experience

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We are ready to accommodate you however you want to make your time with us as pleasant and productive as possible. You’ll have a chance to sit down with your dentist in a private consultation room so they can outline your care plan, go over your options, and listen to your input so we can make the process of renewing your smile nice and easy. With us, every need matters, and we are ready to bend over backward to ensure you leave our dental office feeling satisfied.

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No Referrals &
One-Stop Convenience

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Typically, a patient who wants several teeth to be repaired or replaced would have to visit multiple dental offices to get all the work done. As you can imagine, this inconvenience prevents many from getting what they need. Fortunately, Dr. Anderson is more than able to provide any type of dental service here in our Estero dental office. From crowns to veneers to dental implants and more, you’ll be able to work with our friendly, skilled team the entire time, making the path to your new smile perfectly smooth. 

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Personalized Attention

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When you’re our patient, and you’re in our dental office, you will receive 100% of our dental office’s attention. You will not spend 20 minutes sitting in the waiting room past your scheduled time only to be brought to the back to spend another 20 minutes twiddling your thumbs in the chair before only getting five minutes with the dentist. From the moment you step through our doors, you’re the focus, and the bulk of your appointment will involve you working directly with your dentist to find your ideal solution.

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Amazing Patient
Success Stories

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While our dental office certainly has a lot to offer on paper, if you want to see what truly makes it special, all you need to do is talk to some of our patients. Our team has managed to give people much more than just their smiles back, and the transformations are always a sight to behold. To get a preview of the type of care and service you’ll enjoy at Smile Rejuvenations, follow the link below.

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