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Why Smile Rejuvenations Is the Best Choice for Cosmetic Dentistry

  • A Variety of Options
    for Your
    Unique Smile
  • Talented Dental Team with Years
    of Experience
  • High-Quality Materials for
    Optimal Results

Porcelain Veneers

Woman talking to dentist about porcelain veneers
  • Erase Chips, Gaps, Stains, & More
  • Truly Unmatched Aesthetics
  • Results in As Little As Two Appointments


As one of the most versatile and aesthetically pleasing options available for cosmetic dentistry in Estero, FL, it’s no wonder why veneers are so popular. In fact, many celebrities owe their award-winning smiles to veneers! These ultra-thin shells of dental porcelain can be bonded over the front-facing surfaces of teeth to completely change their size, shape, color, and overall appearance. They can be used to correct a wide variety of cosmetic flaws, including chips, small gaps, stains, and more!

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Model smile with Invisalign clear braces tray
  • The Most Convenient Way to Correct Orthodontic Issues
  • Removable & Practically Invisible Aligners
  • Much More Comfortable Than Braces

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Metal-Free Dental Restorations

Dentist examining patient's smile after metal free dental restorations
  • 100% Metal Free & Mercury-Free
  • Durable & Beautiful Restorations
  • Made Quickly in On-Site Lab

Metal-Free Restorations

Dental crowns, bridges, and other restorations were once only made of metal materials. Not only did this make them highly visible in your smile, but potentially detrimental to your oral health and teeth in the long run. That’s why at Smile Rejuvenations, we prefer to use metal-free restorations. This way, we can repair and strengthen your teeth while simultaneously restoring their appearance!

Dental Bonding

Woman receiving dental bonding
  • Improve Your Smile Right Away
  • Easy & Non-Invasive Treatment
  • Typically Completed In 1 Appointment

What Is Direct Bonding?

Dental bonding is a treatment to fix up the appearance of one or more teeth. This service uses a tooth-colored composite resin that closely mimics the natural color of your enamel. It can then be used to cover up or fill in imperfections as if they were never there. Compared to other cosmetic treatments, direct bonding is one of the fastest and most cost-effective ways to achieve dramatic results.

What Does Dental Bonding Fix?

Thanks to its versatility, dental bonding can be used to address many issues, including:

  • Minor chips or cracks
  • Small spaces or gaps
  • Stains or patches of discoloration
  • Worn-down teeth
  • Misshapen teeth

What to Expect When Getting Dental Bonding

Fixing up your smile with dental bonding typically only takes a single quick and easy appointment. We’ll lightly etch the surface of the tooth so the composite resin forms a strong bond. Then, we’ll pick out a shade of bonding that matches your tooth and mold it over the imperfection until it looks like a natural part of your enamel. Then, we’ll harden it with a special light and polish it until it blends in seamlessly with the rest of your smile!

Taking Care of Dental Bonding

With the right care, you can expect your dental bonding to last for several years! To make the most out of it, limit your consumption of staining foods and drinks like coffee, tea, soda, blueberries, and tomato sauce. Don’t smoke or use tobacco products, as these are notorious for staining enamel. Practice thorough oral hygiene every day and come see us every six months for routine checkups to make sure your smile keeps looking its best.

In-Office & Take-Home Teeth Whitening

Woman sharing bright smile after teeth whitening
  • Reliable & Comfortable Whitening You Can Count On
  • Brighten Your Smile In Just One Appointment!
  • Get Dazzling Results from the Comfort of Home

In-Office Teeth Whitening Treatments

If you wish your teeth were whiter, don’t waste your time and money on store-bought products that only provide subpar results. Instead, come visit us for an in-office teeth whitening treatment! This is a fast, safe, and cost-effective way to take years of stains off your smile. Plus, our treatments are designed to minimize tooth sensitivity for an optimal experience.

Take-Home Teeth Whitening Kits

We’re also proud to offer professional take-home teeth whitening kits. Unlike store-bought whiteners, our products contain professional-grade ingredients and high-quality, custom-made trays. You’ll wear the trays filled with a custom dose of whitener for a set amount of time every day, and in as little as two weeks, you’ll achieve a dazzling smile!

Professional VS. Store-Bought Whitening

Why choose your cosmetic dentist in Estero for teeth whitening instead of just buying an over-the-counter whitening product? There are several benefits you can enjoy by visiting us first, like:

  • Reliably and predictably dazzling results
  • Minimized risk of tooth sensitivity or gum irritation
  • Treatment monitored by a trained professional
  • More cost-effective in the long run

Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

Our teeth whitening treatments are completely safe! Whether you’re whitening in the dental office or at home, we take every precaution to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible. We use gum coverings, highly customized trays, and personalized doses of whitener to ensure your smile stays safe while being brightened. Plus, we only use ingredients that have been tested and approved by the American Dental Association as effective and safe.

Does Teeth Whitening Affect Crowns, Fillings, & Other Restorations?

While professional teeth whitening is strong enough to lift very difficult stains, it’s not designed to lighten restorations such as fillings or crowns. If you’re getting a restoration soon and plan on having your teeth whitened later, let us know so we can match the color of your restoration to the new shade of your teeth. If you already have restorations and are interested in whitening, we can help you replace them to blend in seamlessly with the rest of your smile.

How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last?

With great oral hygiene, the results of a professional teeth whitening treatment can last for two or three years before needing a touchup. To make the most out of your brightened smile, try to avoid dark-colored foods and drinks. You should also come see us twice a year for regular checkups so we can make sure your smile stays strong and sparkling.

Smile Makeovers

Young woman with gorgeous smile after smile makeover
  • Top-Tier Ceramic Materials & Technology
  • A Variety of Options for 100% Custom Treatment Plans
  • Straighter Teeth, Brighter Teeth, More Uniform Teeth – and More!

Smile Makeovers

If you’re not sure where to start when making cosmetic improvements, let our capable team be your guide. We can thoroughly evaluate your dental needs and recommend a personalized smile makeover plan that includes whatever care needed to make your smile shine in the most optimized timeframe possible. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that YOU are fully satisfied with the final, high-quality results.

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Cosmetic Dentistry FAQs

Woman after cosmetic dentist in Estero
  • Is Cosmetic Dentistry Expensive?
  • How Do I Know If I Need Cosmetic Dentistry?
  • Is Cosmetic Dentistry Safe?
  • What is the Difference Between a Dentist and a Cosmetic Dentist?

Is Cosmetic Dentistry Expensive?

It depends on the type of cosmetic dentistry you are choosing to pursue. Yes, most services are more expensive; however, that does not mean they are out of reach for those who desire a brighter, more beautiful smile. There are several options that make it easy to pay for cosmetic treatments, especially since most dental insurance companies will not offer coverage for this type of care. Flexible financing is a great way to spread out the cost of your treatment over several months so that you don’t have to pay the full amount upfront.

When meeting with your cosmetic dentist in Estero, make sure to ask about your options so that you can better prepare when undergoing treatment.

How Do I Know If I Need Cosmetic Dentistry?

The only way to know if you qualify for cosmetic dentistry is to schedule a consultation with a member of our Smile Rejuvenations team. However, knowing if you need it is ultimately up to you. If you do not like what you see in the mirror each day and want to do something about it, you can meet with our team to discuss your options. Chips, cracks, stains, discoloration, minor gaps, misshapen teeth, and slight misalignments can all be hidden with the help of cosmetic dentistry.

During your visit, we will go over your oral and overall health history as well as determine the severity of your dental issues before recommending one or more treatment options to choose from.

Is Cosmetic Dentistry Safe?

Yes, cosmetic dentistry is safe when completed by a skilled professional. Many dentists proclaim that they can and will perform these kinds of services; however, if they do not possess the appropriate training, your results may not be what you envisioned. At Smile Rejuvenations, our team of experts brings years of experience and careful attention to detail to the office, ensuring that every patient receives top-quality service and care.

What is the Difference Between a Dentist and a Cosmetic Dentist?

When it comes to understanding the difference between a general dentist and a cosmetic dentist, the first thing to understand is that all dental professionals must obtain a dental degree (i.e., DMD or DDS) from an accredited university. Before that, they must have a bachelor’s degree. Once they graduate with a dental degree, they have the option to pursue general dentistry or a specialized field. Those recognized by the American Dental Association include orthodontics, pediatrics, prosthodontics, endodontics, periodontics, and more.

Cosmetic dentistry is not a specialized field; however, it does require additional hours of training and coursework. This is why many dentists pursue continuing education courses to better understand and administer cosmetic treatments such as veneers, teeth whitening, direct bonding, and more.