What Are Some Full Mouth Reconstruction Options?

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Full mouth reconstruction is an intensive program of dental services employed to rebuild or replace many or all of a patient’s teeth. This process can significantly improve how a person’s smile looks and works, which can confer a wide variety of quality-of-life benefits such as bolstered confidence and better nutrition. Here are a few of the treatments a dentist can use to radically restore a patient’s smile.

Dental Implants Work Just Like Real Teeth

Tooth loss is an incredibly common problem that can result from injury or infection, and it can diminish a person’s willingness to smile and impede their chewing and speaking abilities. Fortunately, dental implants can replace missing teeth with lifelike restorations that work and look like the real thing. Since they are implanted directly into the jawbone, they can keep the surrounding tissue stimulated to prevent bone loss while having a sturdy foundation that allows for maximum chewing force.

Gum Disease Can Be Resolved

About half of all American adults deal with some form of gum disease. These oral infections show up first as inflammation of the gums, or gingivitis, and they can usually be treated and reversed in this early stage with improved oral hygiene.

However, the advanced stage of gum disease is called periodontitis and it causes permanent damage that can only be reversed through professional dental intervention. This usually takes the form of scaling and root planing, during which your dentist will remove plaque below the gumline and then abrase the enamel of the roots to help them fuse with the surrounding gum tissue.

Cosmetic Dentistry Can Reshape, Whiten, and Brighten

Cosmetic dental services have allowed millions of patients to enjoy more beautiful smiles. A few services your dentist may recommend include:


These thin porcelain shells are designed to fit over troubled teeth to cover flaws like chips, cracks, stains, and gaps. They can completely transform a smile and can usually be placed in as few as two appointments.

Teeth whitening

Professional whitening treatments can leave your smile up to ten shades whiter, making them superior to any whitening product you can find at the store. You can receive professional whitening through an in-office procedure that takes about an hour or a take-home kit that can be completed in about two weeks.

Full mouth reconstruction can give you a beautiful and functional new smile. Consulting with your dentist can determine if any of these treatments are right for you.

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