Teeth in a Day

Teeth in a Day

Our Family's Promise to You

  • Our board-certified prosthodontist, master ceramist, and all-star team deliver world-class care.
  • We provide concierge-style dental experiences. You are our sole priority.
  • We’re a family-owned practice, and we’ll care for you like family.

Smile Confidently with Teeth in a Day in Estero

When you need a smile fast, Smile Rejuvenations provides teeth in a day in Estero to restore your smile and your health. This treatment is a special type of dental implant that uses a minimal number of implants, usually four, placed into the jawbone and immediately topped with a temporary denture. This way, your smile is never left looking unfinished and you can smile with confidence the moment you leave our office.

Smile Rejuvenations of Southwest Florida - Bonita Springs

Are You a Candidate for Teeth in a Day in Estero?

Imagine regaining a full smile in just one day—even if you’ve lost all your natural teeth. Whether you’re preparing to extract your remaining teeth or have been using dentures for years, our “Teeth in a Day” option could transform your life. Are you a candidate for this smile-transforming procedure?

  • You must be healthy enough for minor surgery: Your overall health is essential to ensure the success of this process. We can work with your primary care provider to make sure you qualify.
  • You must be in good oral health: To be a candidate, your oral health must be in top condition. Issues like gum disease or tooth decay need to be resolved, as they can jeopardize the success of the implants.
  • You must have sufficient jawbone density: “Teeth in a Day” utilizes the thickest parts of your jawbone, requiring less bone than traditional implants. If your jawbone isn’t thick enough, don’t worry—preliminary procedures like bone grafting might be an option.

Bonita Springs Same-Day Dental Implants for a Complete Smile

The team at Smile Rejuvenations of Southwest Florida puts your health and comfort first, which applies to our dental implants, too. We want you to feel confident when trusting us with your smile, and that’s why we’re dedicated to providing teeth in a day in Bonita Springs for all patients who wish for:

  • Dentures that won’t slip and shift
  • Implants that look feel, and function like a natural tooth
  • The ability to enjoy all your favorite foods
  • Protection of your long-term oral health
  • The opportunity to smile confidently again
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