Our Family's Promise to You

  • Our board-certified prosthodontist, master ceramist, and all-star team deliver world-class care.
  • We provide concierge-style dental experiences. You are our sole priority.
  • We’re a family-owned practice, and we’ll care for you like family.

A Secure Solution to Missing Teeth

Choose Smile Rejuvenations for Dentures in Estero & Bonita Springs

Custom-crafted dentures can provide a reliable and natural-looking solution for patients who are missing most or all of their teeth. They will restore the appearance of your smile and your ability to eat and speak with confidence.

Smile Rejuvenations of Southwest Florida - Bonita Springs

Comfortable, Natural-Looking Dentures in Estero & Bonita Springs

Many different factors can contribute to tooth loss over time, including accidents, aging, and even disease and decay. Whether you’re new to dentures or your current set feel like they no longer fit, our dentures in Estero and Bonita Springs are the perfect solution to revitalize your smile. You may be a candidate for our custom dentures if you:

  • Have lost many or all of your teeth
  • Have older dentures that feel unstable and uncomfortable
  • Have broken, chipped, or worn-down teeth
  • Feel self-conscious about a gapped, incomplete smile

Our Promise to Every Patient

Many patients are uncomfortable admitting they need dentures because their teeth are failing. Untreated, poor dental health can impact the food you eat and how social you feel. Dr. Breanne Anderson and the team at Smile Rejuvenations treat every patient with compassion, listening to what matters most to you. Our office is a judgment-free zone. The only thing that matters is getting your smile back to complete function.

Ready to Take the First Step?

We understand that choosing the right prosthodontist to create your dentures is not a small decision. That’s why every patient is invited to join our Patient Coordinator Debbie for a coffee to simply talk about the process. We’ll answer every question you have about treatment, finances, and ongoing care. No pushy sales pitches. No pressure. Just a team that cares about you and your health. We’re ready when you are. Call to talk to Debbie today.

Get the Smile You Deserve with Our Dentures in Estero

The team at Smile Rejuvenations approaches prosthodontic dentistry with a patient-focused mindset, putting your health and comfort first. We strive to craft a smile you will be proud to show off, and one that supports your overall health for years to come.

Dr. Anderson will utilize an intraoral scanner to take a digital impression of your mouth, ensuring an accurate fit without any sticky molds. With our in-office dental lab, we can create custom dentures that are perfect for your mouth in half the time required when shipping to an outsourced lab.

  • Beautiful, natural-looking appearance and function
  • Durable, reliable dentures
  • More secure and comfortable than traditional dentures
  • Supports your long-term health
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