Can Dental Implants Replace Front Teeth?

A closeup of a young woman with a front tooth implant

Should you lose a tooth, you might think of getting a dental implant. This treatment is one of the best ways to replace teeth. Still, perhaps you fear it won’t work for a front-facing chomper. You may even ask yourself, “Can dental implants replace front teeth?” Luckily, there’s no need to worry. Implants can easily replace your front teeth. In fact, your Bonita Springs dentist will explain the details. Here’s a primer on how an implant can work as a front tooth.

Could Implants Work for Front Teeth?

Yes, implants are often used toward the back of a patient’s mouth. Even so, they’re quite able to replace missing or damaged front teeth.

You see, front tooth implants don’t differ much from other kinds. Dentists still place them in the proper jaw sockets, ensuring bone tissue grows and locks them in place. They’ll thus look and work properly with an abutment and crown.

Better yet, front tooth implants are better than dentures or bridges. They don’t harm your adjacent teeth and keep the latter in place. However, you will need the right dentist for them. Front-facing teeth are visible, so you’ll want a qualified one to ensure great results.

What are Implants’ Other Benefits?

Aside from working as front teeth, implants do have other benefits. The most common of these include the following:

A Lifelike Smile

Compared to other options, implants look and act more like natural teeth. They blend seamlessly with your smile and don’t draw the attention of peers.

This effect comes from the materials implants use. After all, their titanium screws stop them from slipping or falling from your mouth. On the other hand, the crowns that cap them look just like your other pearly whites. Only your dentist will know that they’re artificial.

Easier Eating

Of course, implants don’t just fill out your smile. They’ll help you eat tough foods as well. As such, you won’t have to stick with soft and mushy meals.

Remember, implants slowly fuse with your jawbone. That means they can receive more pressure without slipping or breaking. As a result, they restore much of your bite force. This change lets your grin chew foods with tougher textures.

A Fuller Face

Lastly, you can trust implants to preserve your jaw. In doing so, they keep your face looking full, young, and vibrant.

Left unchecked, tooth loss erodes your jawbone. The latter’s tissue degrades when it doesn’t get enough stimulus from teeth. That said, implants can provide the needed stimulus. They’d then allow your jaw to stay full and youthful.

So, can dental implants replace front teeth? Absolutely – visit your dental provider to see how they’d do the same for your own.

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