How Can I Keep My Dental Implants Looking Great?

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Dental implants are the best way to replace lost teeth because they are incredibly lifelike, strong, and sturdy. Since they are surgically placed in the jawbone where they fuse with the surrounding structure, they are stable enough to provide maximum leverage during the chewing process while preventing bone loss in the jaw. While dental implants boast an incredible success rate of 95%, they can fail under certain circumstances. Here are a few lifestyle changes you can make to help your dental implants stay healthy for life.

Eat a Healthy Diet

The health of a dental implant is largely determined by the quality of the bone tissue holding it in place. One of the best ways to improve your bone health is to eat a healthier diet that is rich in nutrients like calcium and vitamin D. A few foods that are great for your bones include:

  • Dairy products like milk and cheese
  • Leafy greens like kale
  • Soy products like tofu
  • Nuts
  • Oily fish
  • Fortified orange juice
  • Fortified grains

Drop the Cigarette Habit

Tobacco use and nicotine consumption in general is bad news for your dental implants. Frequently exposing your gums to the noxious chemicals in tobacco smoke can cause them to atrophy and recede. Nicotine also has the unfortunate side effect of causing blood vessels to constrict, which makes it harder for the gums to receive adequate blood flow to heal properly and fight infection. Since it’s recommended that you quit smoking at least two weeks before and ninety days after receiving dental implants, why not take the opportunity to kick the habit once and for all?

Improve Your Dental Hygiene

A major benefit of dental implants is that, unlike traditional restorations like dentures and bridges, they only require the same hygiene regimen as real teeth. This includes brushing, flossing, and using antibacterial mouthwash every day to eliminate plaque and food debris. It’s also crucial that you see your dentist twice a year or as recommended for routine exams and cleanings.

Dental implants can last for a lifetime with proper care. By making the appropriate lifestyle changes, you can keep your new teeth working well and looking great while improving your oral and overall health.

About the Author

Dr. Breanne Anderson earned her dental degree at the University of Connecticut where she also completed her advanced specialty training in prosthodontics in its postgraduate residency program. She is a Diplomate of the American Board of Prosthodontics and a Fellow of the American College of Prosthodontics. Her office in Bonita Springs, FL offers cosmetic dentistry, dentures, and dental implants. To schedule a dental implant consultation, contact her office online or dial (239) 688-3708.