Reasons to Replace a Metal Crown with a Metal-Free One

A closeup of a metal crown

If you’re of a certain age, you may have a metal dental crown. Such a restoration won’t quite blend with the rest of your smile. Still, you don’t have to live with a flashy prosthetic. It’s always possible to replace your metal crown with a metal-free one. In fact, there are many upsides to making this switch. Your local Bonita Springs dentist can even tell you about a few. To that end, here are three big reasons to change out a metal crown for a non-metallic one.

Metal Crowns Age Your Looks

For starters, note that metal crowns are associated with advanced age. These prosthetics represent an older technology that younger people don’t use much. As such, wearing them in your mouth can imply that you’re elderly when you aren’t.

Thankfully, you can reverse this effect by switching to all-porcelain crowns. Compared to metallic models, the porcelain kind is lifelike and blends easily with tooth enamel. Consequently, they can make you look noticeably younger. These restorations also won’t detract from your grin with unsightly metal.

Metal Crowns Aren’t Mouth-Healthy

Aside from looking eye-catching, metal crowns aren’t good for oral health. They tend to cause several dental problems.

Firstly, metal crowns may cause your mouth tissues to react poorly. Those made of nickel, for instance, can cause green gums and allergic reactions. In the latter scenario, you’d likely face annoying and disabling flu-like symptoms.

Similarly, metal crowns can both trigger and hide decay. They often conceal already-existing tooth damage by covering the visible part of your tooth. As a result, many dentists will remove a metal crown only to find unnoticed decay. In contrast, though, porcelain kinds don’t have a high decay risk.

Metal Crowns Cause Sensitive Teeth

Another downside to metal crowns is that they result in tooth sensitivity. By wearing them for a while, treated teeth may feel upset by hot or cold foods.

You see, the allows in these crowns conduct heat. This leads to teeth feeling pain when high or low temperatures pass through them.

All the same, you can avoid the problem by replacing your crowns. Ceramic substitutes won’t conduct temperatures like your current ones do.

Including the ones above, there are many reasons to replace your metal crown with a non-metal one. So, talk to your local dental provider about making the switch soon!

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