5 Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

person about to undergo sedation dentistry

For those who have trouble going to the dentist due to dental fear or anxiety, sedation dentistry can help them feel safer, calmer, and more comfortable during their visits. Along with easing anxieties, there are a variety of other perks that dental sedation offers those who use it. Read on to learn five types of people who can benefit from sedation dentistry.

#1: Those Who Suffer from TMD Or Other Jaw Problems

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction is characterized by pain and compromised movement of the jaw joint and the surrounding muscles. For those who suffer from this or other problems related to their jaw, it may be painful or uncomfortable to hold their mouth open for a long time to receive dental treatment. Sedation dentistry can help by lessening discomfort, which allows them to receive the care they need pain-free.

#2: Those Who Are Undergoing a Long or Complex Treatment

If a procedure is going to take a long time or is very complex, dental sedation can be used to make the patient feel relaxed throughout treatment. This will allow them to undergo the procedure without getting antsy or uncomfortable in the chair.

#3: Those Who Have an Overly Sensitive Gag Reflex

If a patient has a sensitive gag reflex, this can be caused by things like anxiety, postnasal drip, or acid reflux. Dental sedation can help them make it through their appointments without discomfort, and it can be adjusted depending on how severe the issue is.

#4: Those Who Have Very Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive teeth can be caused by cavities, enamel wear, exposed tooth roots, cracked or chipped teeth, and a range of other oral health issues. This can make getting dental work uncomfortable. Sedation dentistry can help you feel more relaxed and comfortable to prevent pain during treatment.

#5: Those Who Are Uncomfortable Sitting in the Dental Chair for Long Periods

Patients with certain physical injuries, health conditions, special needs, or of certain ages may find it difficult to comfortably sit in the dental chair for a long period of time. Dental sedation can be used to make them feel at ease throughout their procedures.

Though dental sedation is an excellent option for those who struggle with dental fear and anxiety, it also offers several other benefits to patients. If any of the above issues ring true for you, ask your dentist about their dental sedation options so you can receive the treatment you need while remaining comfortable and relaxed.

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